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It’s hard to not give up when it feels like the entire world is against us. Believe me, I know that feeling all too well.

It happens to the best of us. We have the really bad days, weeks, or even months. We can’t always be the happy person that we want to be. We get down and we want to give up. Sometimes, we feel like we can’t go on living because of it.

I want to tell you that that is just not true. You can go on living. You’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. It’s hard to see sometimes, but you would be amazed at how strong you are if you really took time to look at yourself. I recently had to look at myself and remind myself of how strong I am… It was all too easy to focus on the negative.

Don’t give up. Some people actually care about you, and can tell you how strong you are or how important you are.

Recently, I had a friend that told me I was beautiful. I can’t see what he sees, but he tells me this all the time. I’ve often thought that he just tells me that so I have a little bit of positive influence in my life, but the important thing is, that he reminds me that there’s someone out there that cares. I keep going just because of him.

Never give up. Keep going. You’re more loved than you will ever know. I just know it.

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