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I apologize for not posting the past couple weeks. Two weeks ago, I had a History exam, and last week I was sick. I’m glad to be back.

Earlier today, I heard about a family friend who’s dad hanged himself. I don’t know all the details, but…wow. What a shock to find that out.

I don’t know why he did. I don’t know if co-workers were giving him a hard time, if he really didn’t feel like he have anything to live for, or what. I wish I knew the reasons.

One very possible reason is that he felt like nobody cared. Isn’t that why a lot of people commit suicide? How sad is it that nobody shows how much they care until that person is gone?

I want that to change, starting right now. Talk to somebody that looks down. Talk to that person that’s alone at the lunch table. Tell them how much they’re worth, and that they always have a friend.

Whatever you do, don’t leave them alone if there are signs.

Signs are all over the place. Self-harming, depression, change in personality…there are a lot.

I have to say, though, it’s sad. A lot of times we tend to think that those signs are just the person looking for attention.

Well, maybe it is a call for attention.

Let me explain: Maybe it’s a call for attention because nobody pays attention to them. Nobody helps them when they need help. Everyone just turns their back.

So yes, maybe it is a call for attention. They want someone to pay attention to the signs.

Be a friend. Say something to make them want to stay.

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