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We’ve all heard about what Josh Duggar has done by now. He abused his sisters over a decade ago.

Do I agree with what he did? No, of course not. But I have to wonder why it’s just now that it’s being brought to light.

I have to say, the media gets it wrong. While I agree that what Josh did was wrong, the media describes him as a pedophile, he was only 14 when he abused them. The law says you have to be 16 to be considered a pedophile. Sorry to break it to you, media, but your definition is screwed up.

Now, am I discounting what Josh did? No, I’m not. Having someone in the family that was abused as a young child, I know the pain of knowing that they’ll have to live with the terror the rest of their lives. But I have to wonder: why is the media making such a big deal out of it? How do the girls feel about that terrible time in their lives being brought to light?

I understand that they’re a very popular family, and I know that nothing in a famous family is ever private, but some things just shouldn’t be made a big deal out of unless they want you to. These young women are being forced to relive that terrible time in their lives that happened over a decade ago by the media making a big deal out of it.

Sexual abuse is wrong, no matter how you look at it, and I agree it must be put to a stop. But I also have to wonder: would it help if the media didn’t force the victim to live that time in their life over and over again?

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