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It happened again. Another child is pregnant because she was raped. By her step-father. This child is only ten years old.

I’m in a group on Facebook called Child Abuse Must Stop, which is where I saw the article. I didn’t read it — I couldn’t bring myself to do so. My heart broke at just the title.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen all too many stories about this lately. The child is raped by someone they trust. And not only is the trust broken, but they get pregnant with that person’s child. My heart breaks a little more with every article I see about it.

I read one where one child wasn’t allowed to get an abortion, even though having the child would endanger her life. I’m pro-life myself, but she’s just a kid herself. Kids should not be forced to have kids if it wasn’t their choice to have sex. It was abuse. They’re already traumatized enough by having to go through the humiliation, but to have to carry out a pregnancy and go through childbirth? It’s absolutely horrifying.

Some rapists will defend themselves and say, “Well, they didn’t tell me to stop.” That’s because children don’t know it’s okay to tell them to stop! They’re always taught to respect their elders.

See, that’s another problem. Today’s society focuses too much on “Respect your elders” instead of, “It’s okay to say no.” That has got to change. Yes, children need to learn respect, but they also need to know that it’s okay to get away from a situation that they’re not comfortable in.

Let’s work together to stop this. Child abuse has to stop. Tell your children that it’s okay to say no.

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