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Just last night I read an article about Mary Kay LeTourneau, a formal schoolteacher that pleaded guilty to not just one but two counts of sexual abuse. And then Barbara Walters has the nerve to say that it’s a love story.

I’m sorry. What?

I’m absolutely appalled by how that turned out. Yes, they got married, but there was an order for no contact for them. There’s absolutely no excuse for what she did. She’s an adult, and this is a child we’re talking about. Absolutely no excuse.

I think what makes this worse is, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. It’s a time where we come together and try to stop child abuse. And then ABC has the nerve to try and play this abuse up? What is wrong with people?

Having a family member that was involved in child abuse, I know how heartbreaking it is. I thought I would never be affected by child abuse so much, but when I heard that my niece had turned into a victim of this horrible, horrible thing, I know how hard it really is to live in the reality.

I think the problem with this world is, if we or someone we know is not a victim, we don’t think about it, and we don’t feel like we need to do anything about it. I know I certainly think about it more now that my niece is a victim, and to make it worse, the man that did it to her is getting away with it just because she wouldn’t talk. Makes me sick.

Child abuse needs to be put to a stop. Spend some time looking around at how you can do your part this month. The more we do, the faster these horrific stories can be put to a stop.

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