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I would like to direct you to another link that I found throughout the week: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/bullied-girl-face-permanent-blindness-parents/story?id=28526443

It’s sad, isn’t it? An 11-year-old may face permanent blindness because of bullies. The coach left them alone, and then this happens. It’s sickening to think about.

It’s really sad that this girl may lose her eyesight permanently because of bullies. As the father said, you never expect something like that to happen. It’s horrible.

Please, if you’re being bullied, tell someone. Tell an adult. Tell someone that can help you.

Adults, if you hear of a child being bullied, please don’t ignore it. Being bullied can cut deep into a child’s life. It can ruin them if it goes too far. Please, adults, you need to take action if you hear about a child being bullied, Anyone could end up like that girl. It breaks my heart to think about it.

I know not all bullies go that far, but some do, and that news article is proof of it. I mentioned before that a 12-year-old boy committed suicide because of bullies. He was gone way too early. Bullies can cause disabilities, and bullies can cause death. Some cause emotional pain. Whichever one a bully causes, it needs to stop.

Be a voice. If you’re being bullied, don’t stay silent. If you hear about someone being bullied, take action. Let’s work together to make a difference. If we all work at it, bullying can be put to a stop.

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