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I apologize for being gone for a month. Life got in the way. I plan on getting back to this site on a regular basis.

Words are a strange thing. They can lift you up, or tear you down. It’s depressing to think about, really.

A while back, I heard about this young boy just twelve years old that committed suicide. Why? Because he was bullied. For being a cheerleader. For doing what he loved. He was called gay and feminine. It really breaks my heart.

If everyone had just said he was really good at cheerleading, or focused on how he was as a person, he could have lived. He could have been happy. He could have lived life to the fullest and never held back. But no, they chose to focus on what they thought was negative. They chose to focus on the fact that he was the only boy on a cheerleading squad.

Just like this boy, I hear about kids that commit suicide because of bullying way too often. It happens, and I hate it. The bullying needs to stop, and the worst part of it is, a lot of times a bully is a bully because they were bullied themselves. It hurts, I know. It’s heartbreaking. It makes you want to give up. I’ve been there, too.

If you or someone you know is getting bullied, please get help. Tell someone you trust. Kids, tell an adult. You may feel humiliated, but it’s worth it to get the bully off your back. What’s better, a bully picking on you day in or day out, or a few seconds of getting the courage to tell someone and not be bullied anymore? If I had the chance to go back in time, I know what I would have done.

The bullying needs to stop. If we all work together, and if the victims tell someone, there’s no limit to the difference that could be made.