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Sexual abuse. Child assault. Rape. These are all words that nobody wants to hear. These are words that nobody ever wants to talk about. Nobody wants to say it happened to them. Nobody wants to say they know somebody it happened to.

I’m like that, too.

Silence of sexual abuse is big. It’s dangerous. It can tear you up inside. I know, it’s not easy to talk about it. It’s not easy for me to talk about my four-year-old niece being abused. I hate it. It makes me angry. I can’t stand the guy that did it to her. It needs to be talked about. However much you want to keep silent, it’s better to let someone know.

My sister set up an appointment for my niece to go see a counselor. This is good. I can only hope she gets better because of it. If you’ve been abused, you need to go see one. It’s hard, I know, but you can get through it. I know you can.

Talking about it will help you know that you are loved. I know it will help you.

I was talking to someone recently that was abused as a child. She told me that she kept silent for decades and still suffers the after effects of it. She wishes she had gotten help sooner.

Please, please, please go talk to someone. They’re there to help. You were left alive for a reason. You survived it. You didn’t live through it just to be tortured for the rest of your life. You lived through it for an amazing purpose.

Hold your head up high, survivors. Help is here.